I went to my first Arsenal game at the age of seven on September 25th, 1993. On a sunny day at Highbury, I sat behind the goal in the North Bank with my Old Man to watch the Arsenal take on Southampton.

My first exit out of the Highbury turnstiles was a happy one; we queued for the tube on the Gillespie Road after an 'Graham-esque' 1-0 victory, thanks to Paul Merson's goal. My most vivid memory of the day, however, recalls being lifted over the row of seats in front of me to get my match day programme signed by Eddie McGoldrick.

The fixture was hardly El Classico and McGoldrick was certainly no Ronald Koeman; but to me he was a world-beater that day and I was hooked.

For the next decade-and-a-bit, we'd get to Highbury whenever we could - more often than not perched on the shiny red plastic of the North Bank, with the odd trip to the Clock End and East Stand sprinkled in between.

The move to 'the Emirates' was an end of an era for me and my dad. He moved abroad and as a student I struggled to afford more than a small handful of games each season.

Fast forward to 2012/2013 and I'm now sharing my thoughts on the Arsenal with anyone who'll listen, and with my hands finally on The Holy Grail: A North Bank season ticket.


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